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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Posting from work...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

30/30: Oh, Snoopy...

Snoop Dogg feat. R Kelly - That's That

My debt is absolved. Look for more posts as I feel un-lazy. Maybe every three months I'll do 30 posts in 30 (*ahem* 36) days. Maybe.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

29/30: Snoopy come home

Snoop Dogg feat. E-40, MC Eiht, Goldie Gold, Daz and Kurupt - Candy
Snoop Dogg feat Pharrell - That Girl

Haha. Daz and Kurupt have to share 16 bars on the "Tell Me When to Go" rip off. And the Neptunes song on this upcoming album is a ballad now, as opposed to "Beautiful" and "Drop it Like it's Hot." I guess it's like "Perfect" or whatever. Even though I don't remember what that song sounds like.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

28/30: Press Pray

P Diddy - Testimonial

P Diddy - We Gon Make It (not a Jadakiss cover)
P Diddy - P Diddy Rock
P Diddy - Wanna Move

There was a time in my life that I deplored acts such as Puff Daddy and Jay-Z. "No," said the former me. "Not Reasonable Doubt, but Vol. 1 and 2 are wack shit." Fast forward to 2006, I just copped Press Play off the internets and it's ok. I redownloaded No Way Out (I owe you a ten, Diddy) and found myself enjoying most of it. Even the powerful "All About the Benjamins" that ruled my junior high school dances enchanted my Jurassic 5-loving ass (heh) at the time. But a backpacker's gotta growned up, and here I am, bumping a P Diddy song that samples Tears for Fears. The Swollen Members must be so disappointed in me.

"We Gon Make It" has like, the same horns as that first Jay-Z leaked single. You can scroll down a few posts to compare notes. Damn, the mainstream is gonna catch onto sample spotting finally, because of these two fools. Good job, Just Blaze. (Fun Fact: RAPINJUSTICE began as a weak ass "sample biter" blog, you can check the archives)

"Testimonial" flips Tears for Fears, the song that was in Donnie Darko, "P Diddy Rock" has an a pretty good Timbaland beat and Shawnna and Twista ripping the blistering track, "Wanna Move" has Big Boi, Scar and Ciara. The last two tracks sound suspiciously similar as well.

27/30: Another video game soundtrack...

Ghostface - Man Up
Rhymefest - Shut You Down

Saints Row.

I think the video game industry is keeping this rap shit alive. Word.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

26/30: Are you paying attention to Nah, Right?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

25/30: MP3 Roulette

Eminem feat. 50 Cent Lloyd Banks, Cas$his - You Don't Know

Haven't heard this. Supposedly Ca$his is the TROOF.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

24/30: Chairman and the Funky President

Chairman Mao - Spine Magazine Exclusive Mix
J-Rocc - Supreme Mix

One of my heroes, Chairman Mao of ego trip fame and fellow chinaman, put together an "exclusive" funk/breaks/samples/gooey mix for spinemagazine.com. I put the quotes around "exclusive" because I'm going to shamelessly rip off the link and repost it here. Spinemagazine is pretty awesome, I am honored to copy off your test. It's CD quality bitrate too. Sweet.

Oh and just for kicks, there's a pretty nice J-Rocc mix that he did for Supreme clothing line out there. A low-ish bitrate version (boo!) is on the Stones Throw website. Right click, save.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

23/30: Zaftig-Person Scoop

Fatman Scoop feat. Faith Evans - Be Faithful
Fatman Scoop feat. DJ Kool, EZ Rock - It Takes Two

Fatman Scoop is awesome. A late-night New York radio DJ staple, the scruffy voice of Mr. Scoop has become synonymous with hip hop club music, as he lends his adlibs to many "club remixes" of popular tracks. He screams, he chants, he draws the call-and-response. The most awesome thing is, he doesn't actually make the music or the actual "remixing" which, in this case, is inserting memorable breaks and clips from other songs on top of an instrumental. For instance, "Be Faithful" breaks into moments that harken back to the Beatnuts and Black Sheep, and "It Takes Two" is temporarily morphed into Grandmaster Flash's "The Message." All Scoop does, though, is yell and scream. And then he put all these "remixes" on an album, at least in Japan, because everybody knows those Japs will buy anything.

At the very least, people know Fatman Scoop for his hypeman work on Missy Elliot's "Lose Control," which is also collected on Scoop's appropriately titled "In the Club."

Simply Amazing.

22/30: Rapinjustice is now brought to you by the letter Y

Young Jeezy - I Love It Why Young Jeezy gotta obviously try to recreate "What You Know About That"?
Ying Yang Twins - Booty on Duty Why they gotta compact pretty much all their previous hits into one song?
Yummy Bingham feat. Fabolous, Red Cafe - Is it Good to You This was the chick on the De La Soul single "Much More" and she was kinda cool in an Esthero-way. But I guess she has an album out, post-Kanye Syleena Johnson style. Flips a played break here, and I don't know if I can handle a whole album of crooning by someone who sounds 8 years old, but it's not sooo bad. Um. Why?

Friday, October 06, 2006

21/30: Hi, Tek!


Hi-Tek feat. Ghostface, The Willie Cottrell Band, Pretty Ugly - Josephine

Hi-Tek feat. Nas, Common, Marsha from Floetry, Busta Rhymes, J Dilla - Music for Life

Hi-Tek is still stuck on neo-soul. "Josephine" has an OK verse by Ghostface and Hi-Tek ain't sooo bad at rapping here on this song about some junkie chick. He doesn't have Kanye's ghostwriters, though. But there's way too much singing, like it's Kirk Franklin or something.

I don't really like it when producers shoehorn themselves into raps on their own albums, and "Music For Life" is a great example. Not that anyone comes particularly correct anyway, but Hi-Tek is particularly glaring. I'm going to assume that J Dilla's appearance is the answering machine message at the beginning of the track. Busta Rhymes does not rap, just talks.

It's worth noting, Hi-Tek pretty much bit J Dilla's style almost completely, especially listenin to these two tracks (and the ones on the 50 album). Listen to the filtered basslines and tight snares. Damn. He didn't sound like this when he was chillin with Talib, did he?


Sunday, October 01, 2006

19/30: Where was this in 1992? Or 1996? Or 1999 even?

Bumpy Knuckles - Rakim Diss Freestyle

Too bad nobody cares now. And since when does a freestyle have echo?

18/30: Don't tell anyone I posted these, kay? Thanks...

Trilladelphians - Wu Tang Theme
Justin Timberlake feat. Three 6 Mafia - Chop Me Up

The second track speaks for itself. But the Trilladelphians, who are Low Budget (of Hollertronix) and some dude DSJ, conjure up some Baltimore House-ish remix of Yung Joc's "It's Goin Down" and then some radio DJ from Philly, DJ Freak Nasty* yells over it, Fatman Scoop style. Apparently the "Wu-Tang" is a dance. I'm totally disconnected. Though I did hear Low Budget spin a party a few weeks ago in New York, and he did not spin the "Wu Tang Dance Theme," despite it being at least a month old.

If you listen to the track, there is a specific "Wu-Tang Dance" and while the song doesn't tell you how to do it**, DJ Freak Nasty mentions YouTube*** and the Wu-Tang Dance. So I went on, to check it out and people got different ways of doing it. I mean, it's all sorta the same, but some get creative. I like the guys featured in the embedded video up there the best, if not only for them having a move that just might look like oral sex simulation between two men. No Kanye.

*not sure if there's any relation to the duo Freak Nasty
**like, uh, Freak Nasty's "Dip"
***which may or may not be the first mention of YouTube in a song

17/30: Don't ask me where I got these... because I don't know

The Beatles - Reggae Rigby
The Fugees - Fu Ge La Stylee

So I saw these somewhere and I thought to myself, hmm, another Beatles reggae cover. Boy, was I wrong. I guess there's an "Eleanor Rigby" acapella out there, and it fits nicely with the Sly and Robbie track. The Fugees track comes from the same vinyl or cd single, and is another nice reggae remix.

16/30: (Not) Bangers and Mash (Ups)

Amp Live (of Zion I) - Crazy Aerials (Atmosphere and System of a Down)

Amp Live (of Zion I) - Ring It (Mobb Deep and the White Stripes)
7L (of 7L & Esoteric) - White Stripes/Outkast
7L (of 7L & Esoteric) - Three 6 Mafia/Ladytron

Let's jump on the bandwagon, guys!

Did you guys know DJ Muggs (of Soul Assassins fame) has a Mashup show on Sirius? It's on Shade45 and it's called Mashup Mondays. I haven't heard it because I don't own a Sirius radio (who does?), but I bet it sucks. Because I've heard DJ Muggs' "mashups" and they just marry the newest rock tracks (Velvet Revolver, the White Stripes) with some random rap acapella. Sometimes he'll throw in a loop of some played-the-fuck-out classic rock track (Queen, Led Zeppelin) too.

The mere fact that the BPMs match up, does not mean they were made to be coupled, Muggs. Please, I beg of you, to stop. Because you've created a trend. Just like Hollertronix and DJ Z-Trip had former scratch nerds gearing up to "rock the party" through the combination of club and electro tracks with rock, rap, oldies and crazy ass shit like MIA and Baile Funk, you, DJ Muggs, have a following as well. And you have created a new style of mashup in America, one similar to the movement in Europe a few years back, of sticking together any two tracks that are remotely the same speed. I don't care if Yung Joc matches up with Panic! at the Disco. I don't care if Ludacris and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have the same beats per minute. I totally get it now when people say art isn't subjective, because your shit sucks. Now you got kiddies whining all over the nation, essentially staring at your retarded aural collage scoffing, "Pfft, I can do that." And now we're left with supposed backpacker producers joining together Atmosphere and System of a Down. Fuck this, I'm going to listen to some Weird Al.

P.S. By the way, do you notice that even between these two guys up here, they can't even keep themselves from jacking the same White Stripes track? I bet they thought they were being "clever" by not using "Seven Nation Army" too

P.P.S. Oh, and whoever is the music director at the Golden State Warriors games is pretty hip to mashups, I've heard him or her throw down some esoteric shit. Props, whoever you are, to at least being aware, even if the shit you play is kinda ehhh.

P.P.P.S. I kinda like that Ladytron/Three 6 Mafia thing. It sounds almost exactly like some Hollertronix shit though.