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Sunday, August 21, 2005

I should host mp3s or something, huh?

I'm still trying to find the identity of this piece-of-crap nobody reads, but in the meantime here are a couple things I've come across lately that are pretty cool.

E-40 opens Fatburger franchises in Northern California (from the Mercury News Blog)
Q: Why did you start a franchise of Fatburger?

A: Back in the day, if you listened to any of my raps, I'm always talking
about buying a franchise, and not buying an $85,000 car before you buy a house. ... The first thing I wanted to get was a Popeye's chicken ... I was looking on the Food Channel and they're saying that hamburgers are No. 1. So my wife, she's good friends with Merton Hanks, ex-49er. Merton knows Chester McGlockton, he's doing the Fatburgers, so I called Chester. He's
[McGlockton] a good friend and my neighbor before he was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs. He played for the Oakland Raiders at the time ... Chester knows I'm a stable guy, good dude, family man, businessman, and we got together and put in on 10 of them. The first one opened up two weeks ago [in Pleasant Hill], and the second opens up in Redwood City, hopefully in March.
Me and Chester got all the rights of them in Northern California.

Fatburger is great. I been to ones in LA and in Vegas, and man, I'm pretty sure they will be successful here. It's about time to trek up to Pleasant Hill, innit?

Also, this is kinda funny. Music video for C-Rayz Walz's Blackout. He's an okay rapper, though.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Do all of the record stores in the Midwest carry the same shit?

Because it sure sounds like it.
Eminem feat. Bizzare, Fuzz, Swifty - No One's Iller
album: Slim Shady EP (1997)
producer: Jeff Bass, Mark Bass, Eminem (?)

is strikingly similar to...
The Dynospectrum - Anything is Everything
album: The Dynospectrum (1998)
producer: Ant

which kinda sounds like...
Kanye West feat. Paul Wall - Drive Slow
album: Late Registration (2005)
producer: Kanye West

Fun Facts: The first two songs are done by artists who claimed "crazy" alter egos at the time (Marshall Mathers and Slug, Beyond and Co.). All three songs are from midwest artists (Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago), and all of them have white rappers who wished they were black! Zing!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Chubb Rock Can You Please Pay Paul the $2200 You Owe Him

Most people know the story behind the only listenable song (in my opinion) on Prince Paul's "Politics of the Business" (released way back in 2003) already, but if you don't ... here it is. What's really.

Also, this might be a "no shit" mention, but Paul jacked himself for that song, alternately known as "People, Places, Things," flipping the same sample he did like ten years ago on "Pease Porridge" offa "De La Soul is Dead."
MVRemix: You've probably addressed this a million times, but Chubb Rock? Money owing, is that still an issue? What happened there?

Prince Paul: Yeah Chubb Rock skipped town on me. I don't know where he's at. He owes me money. I told everybody, anybody that can get him to come by my house and get me the money, I'll split it with 'em. That's a cool grand and some change in your pocket, if anybody can do it. Easy money, well not that easy. Bottom line I got scammed man. I thought he was a friend... He came over, said he had this deal for me for a camera but he needs the money right now. I thought, "Oh, it's Chubb Rock!" So I gave him the money and that was it. I found out he scammed a bunch of my other friends and a whole bunch of other people with the same thing. It necessarily wasn't a camera, but it was other items. "Yo, gimme the money right now I'll getcha this!" Then he skips town. So I got got. That's why I made that record, so anytime he made a statement, that would come up. Put his name in a computer, "Prince Paul, pay Prince Paul his money." For life! Until he pays me my money back... I'll gladly make a record "Thank You Chubb Rock For Paying My Money, You're A Nice Guy." But I've yet to make that record because he has yet to pay me.

Full story here.