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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Thar be muzak!

Da Back Wurdz feat. Bun B - I Don't Like the Look of It OK, so remember that Oompa Loompa song from a few months ago? If not, check the video*. Did you see the Fanta girl? Mmm, Fanta. Anyway, this Bun B remix has a different beat (is that Dragnet?), it's not as hot, but it exists, so here it is.
Mekalek feat. Percee P - The Gritty Bop Who the hell is Mekalek? I have no clue, but this track is aiight. Sounds like he hails from the MF Doom/RJD2 school of beatmaking. I like fast rapping Percee P better, though.
Danger Doom - Korn Dogs (via Spinemagazine) So instead of sampling annoying "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" voices (word to AJ Soprano), this uses (way more) annoying "12 Oz. Mouse" voices. Off a new upcoming EP.
Motion Man feat. Gift of Gab - One For Your Mind The FedEx King is back. Shoulda jumped on that Bay wagon, Motion. You already had Fortywater on that one cut offa "Clearing the Field." Let's hear a "Tell Me When to Go" remix with Motion and Gift of Gab. That would be genius. I would post that.
7L & Esoteric feat. Kool Keith - Daisycutta I think some other sites had this up, but it was off the annoying promo with the voice. Anyway, Kool Keith needs work so bad he's resorted to rapping with post-stroke-Jay-Z.
Busta Rhymes feat. KRS-One - New York Shit Marley Marl remix (via Nah Right) Too much New York Shit! Too much! It's not that good. I mean, it's Swizz Beats! Come on!
Aries Spears - Jay-Z, DMX imitation (via Nah Right) So apparently Aries Spears from MadTV goes onto Shade 45 a lot and does rapper imitations. My friend put me on a bunch of mp3s of him on the radio, but this is the first one that is a fake-song. It's a diss to Cam'ron, and it "features" DMX. Some of the lyrics actually come correct, but by the end it kinda breaks up, and Spears sounds more like Esoteric than Iceberg.
Kanye West, John Legend, Consequence - Grammy Family Kanye says "faggot" again. Is he trying to prove something? Oh, and I can see Legend and West with Grammys, but Quence? Isn't he Q-Tip's cousin or something? If Tip had to wait til 2005 to grab one, we can give one to Consequence post-mortem. Deal?

*"I Don't Like the Look of It" video


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