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Sunday, September 17, 2006

02/30: How do you pronouce this blog name?

Jedi Mind Tricks feat. Sean Price, Block McCloud - Outlive the War
Jedi Mind Tricks feat. R.A. The Rugged Man - Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story

There have been a few (OK, two) people asking me how the name of this blog is pronounced. It's a valid but odd question: This site ain't famous enough for anybody to need to pronounce it out loud. Nobody's going to walk over to the next dorm (cuz that's who reads this shit, right? Stoner college kids?) and say "Hey did you check out RAPINJUSTICE the other day? It was awesome." Mainly because RAPINJUSTICE is not awesome, but also because nobody says that sort of thing. This isn't Fark or Pitchfork Media over here.

ANYWAY, I have also considered the pronunciation of this site before. The most obvious is "Rap Injustice" (which doesn't make much sense... what's the injustice?). Since I post rap music on here, that would seem like the right way. There is also "Rapin Justice," which suggests that I am currently raping justice (as an imperfect participle). Or the lastly, most common unfunny way, "Rap in Justice." Which again doesn't make sense but sounds like a line from the hip hop version of the pledge of allegiance.

These are ALL WRONG. Sorry guys. So what is the right answer? It is (drum roll please) "R.A. pin Just Ice." Yup. R.A. pin Just Ice. R.A. is short for R.A. The Rugged Man, who once made a song with Biggie, and Just Ice is a non-swearing gangsta rapper of the 80s. When thinking up a name for this site, I imagined these two relatively obscure rappers engaged in professional wrestling, and since R.A. is the big white boy, he gets the pin.

R.A.'s on the new Jedi Mind Tricks, but the best song off that album is the Sean Price one. And I linked to a video up there that has Just Ice rapping for the kids, though he's sandwiched waaaay in the back of the posse cut behind the Get Fresh Crew and Heavy D. What a predicament! (Fun Fact: That fat chick who raps used to be KRS-One's wife.) Now that everyone knows how to say my blog name, go outside and shout it to the world. Phase 1 in my plan for internet domination has begun. Muahahahaha.


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