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Friday, May 19, 2006

It happened overnight ...

As other people are wont to point out, rap sucks these days. That crappy Mobb Deep album fell outta the Billboard Top 10 and now there aren't any rap albums atop the charts. Wah. To that, I say--good. Rap did/does suck.

My tastes seem to move back and forth between the independent and commercial rap worlds every few years, starting with the beats I heard on the radio when I was a young'un, and then moving to the independent records (through Dr. Octagon and the Skratch Piklz) and then to and fro a couple times.

It seems, however, that the independent movement has vanished in recent years. The problem is, I'm ready to embrace underground music again, and commercial rap is becoming tired. Dipset and the South can only hold my interest for so long. I'm thinking a lot of (intelligent) people feel the same way.

RapInjustice will try to quell this need, through finding good (or really, really bad) independent music or otherwise. But the whole time Hip hop slowly descends down the road to hell, we'll take a look at all the tourist spots along the way (freak shows, minstrel shows, disappointing hall of fame spots, the worlds largest watermelon). Because you can't just pass up a tourist spot. Oh, look, there's some now.

A-Trak - Knucklehead Man, they grow up so fast. This is one of those DJ-tracks to promote A-Trak's DVD "Sunglasses are a Must." It seemed like just yesterday I was watching my Turntable TV 6 with A-Trak rippin' it up at his home. Now he's Kanye West's DJ. *sniff*
Kashmere Stage Band - Super Strut (Kenny Dope remix) Fiya! For those who know, the mention of the high school funk group "Kashmere Stage Band" is enough for a click. But now Kenny Dope adds breakneck drums! Boom! (Kenny Dope's remix drums all sound the same, though. And I kind of lost respect for him when I found out he was a house DJ)
Trillville feat. Three 6 Mafia - Stackin' This sounds EXACTLY like you would imagine a collaboration between Three 6 and Trillville would sound. For better or worse. Mostly worse, though.
Shiest Bubz, Agallah, Steel, Tek, Buckshot - Hustlers Oh god. Apparently Dipset is branching out a la Wu Tang, and Purple City is one of the second stringers. How are the Diplomats such a viral rap group, snaring appearances from NY hip hop legends such as CL Smooth, LL Cool J (,Rakim?) and now half of the Boot Camp Clik? And they're all past their prime. When's KRS gonna do something with Hell Rell?
Visionaries - All We Need The sad thing is, I had to Google Wikipedia "Visionaries" to remind myself who is in this group. Didn't they have more members? I always thought they all kinda rap the same, with that similar cadence. I guess they have an album coming up. And 2Mex makes an M.I.A. reference.


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