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Sunday, March 05, 2006

What is "potpourri" anyway?

I saw the "3 Freaks" video on Strivin' today. Back when I first heard the song, I was diggin' it but I started to hate once I found out how DJ Shadow had a fat head.

From Shadow's Digest on DJShadow.com
I’ve also stopped worrying if my changing taste in music costs me fans; life’s too short to live in anyone’s box, especially if that box is constraining your shine. Case in point: cats who tried to goal tend “3 Freaks” without knowing anything about Bay music or its history, even as the song was on its way to classic status among those who actually support and create Bay music.
Calm down, man! Calling yourself a classic is not a good look. That aside, the video is still kinda weak, it tries to utilize green screen effects and a 24-esque storyline, but it really comes off looking like something lame like "Ultraviolet" or "Equillibrium."

3 Freaks

It kills me that I can't remember where that banana-shoe-phone scene is from. Also, uh, is that Willie Brown?

Captain Save-a-hoe

I guess now that "Tell Me Where to Go" has fulfilled the Bay's (or KMEL's) daily E-40 quota by 5000%, I suspect we will never hear this song again. But here's the video nonetheless. Forget "3 Freaks." This is a music video. But I heard that Droop-E remix of "Freaks," and it's not bad (or "it slaps" I would say, if I were down). Good thing he didn't mess around with the beat too much.

So I've been sittin' on some music here. I guess the sequel to 3:16 the 9th Edition is coming out soon, and this MURS webrip has been making its way around the Internet. If you haven't heard it yet, well, ta-daah!

MURS and 9th Wonder - Murs Day

MURS and 9th Wonder - L.A.

And here's the third phantom draft pick by my boy, who says it's the best track on the album: MURS and 9th Wonder - Dark Skinned White Girls

Also that white boy from Foreign Legion put out another album. Technically, though, this is his first album, I learned, because his other album (Death, Taxes and Prozack, i think) was never officially released. How curious.

Prozack Turner - I Wanna Go Home (produced by Oh No)

Prozack Turner - Bangathon! feat. Marc Stretch (self produced!)

Prozack Turner - The Ballad of Adrianna Sage (produced by Paul Nice)


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